PressOn Productions is a Midland, Texas-based production company, created with the mission to show God’s love through the visual arts. We operate with a daily commitment to glorify the love of Jesus in our lives and our productions.

We know we are all sinners and live in an imperfect world. We feel it is vital for God’s love to be displayed in a truthful, realistic way, which will touch the lives of both children and adults.

We hope our first endeavor Hurleyville, will provide families with an educational, humorous, and entertaining format to share the love of Jesus together.

Hurleyville is a laugh-out-loud children’s episodic DVD series, based on the 10 Commandments. This hilarious show is about a group of adventurous kids, who are constantly challenged by the surprises life throws their way. At its core, Hurleyville embodies the struggles, joys and adventures modern kids face in today’s world.

PressOn Productions developed Hurleyville to expand the selection of children and youth programming available in the Christian and secular markets. We also felt led to create an inviting show that will minister to people from all ages, backgrounds and religions. Our mission is to restore respect for God and his message through the visual arts and to “show” God’s love.

There is a lack of relevant youth programs available in the Christian market that captivate children the way secular programming does, we intend to change that standard.

Founders - PressOn Productions - Midland, TX

Founders of PressOn Productions: Josh Brown, Janice Henry, and Sarah Gray